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Hamburger Pasta with Grillo’s Pickle De Gallo 🥒🔥

Pumpkin Alla Vodka Sauce

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CLTM (Capicola, Lettuce, Tomato, Mozzarella!)

Sweet Potato Custard n’ Whipped Cream

Easy Tomato Sauce

THICK Focaccia

Focaccia PIZZA

Chicken Alfredo PASTA wit Sun dried Tomatoes n’ Spinach

20 min

Brown Butter Bourbon Pumpkin Loaf

3 hr

Super Protein Chili

1 hr

Tallow Fried Tempura MINI Mushrooms


Oh buddy where do I begin. Food has always been a passion of mine. True story one of my older sisters wanted to be on Food Network and be the new Giada DeLaurentis. She bought a bunch of baking cookbooks and we would spend our free time playing in the kitchen. She uhhh, left that dream behind but I never lost my passion. In high school I was super duper sick (wow hard launching that info for you) and couldn't go to school so I would spend my days on the couch binging Chopped, Barefoot Contessa, Pioneer Woman, etc etc etc literally anything on Food Network or Cooking Channel. You get the idea. I would spend as much time as possible playing in the kitchen and experimenting with the things I learned. Baking and cooking became a way for me to have fun, express my creativity, and honestly... heal myself. If you've been following me you know fitness, yoga, and overall health are major major passions of mine as well and I personally feel that they are the perfect flip side to cooking. Unless you count my extensive TV watching a proper education... no, I never went to culinary school. But home chefs are hot. Thank you (WHOEVER YOU ARE THAT GOT TO THIS POINT) for supporting me and allowing me to make this lifelong dream a reality. <3 xoxo T.

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